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    Subjectnewbie - mdadm create raid1 mirrors on large drives
    I hope this is the correct list for this question.

    I've just recently begun using mdadm to set up some
    arrays using large drives (300-400Gb). One of the
    things I don't understand is this: when you first
    create a raid1 (mirrored) array from two drives
    mdadm insists on mirroring the contents of the first
    drive to the second even though the drives are
    entirely blank (e.g. new drives don't have anything
    on them). In one configuration I have, this takes
    about 16 hours on a 400Gb drive. When I do 5 of them
    simultaneously this takes 2+ days to complete. Is
    there some way to tell mdadm that you want to create
    a mirrored set but skip this rather long initial
    mirroring process? I don't really see that it actually
    accomplishes anything.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    -Larry Bates

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