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    Subject2.6.14.5 / swapping / killing random apps
    Hiya all,

    I was wondering about the following;

    kernel: / vanilla

    If a system with say a swap of 2GB on a fast drive and like 260MB is
    actively used for swapping, could it cause certain applications to crash
    ? I noticed that the when swapping occurs, usualy above 200MB then
    random apps start to crash. Sometimes gnome-terminal, gnome-panel,
    xchat, metacity and so on. It happens a few times in usually 48 hours.

    The system has 512MB ram, ECC , checked and cleared. The system can be
    booted with m$ xp or freebsd but crashes do not occur even under heavy
    load. So that's why i'm thinking something is causing this behaviour in
    linux. I also have to say that dmcrypt was used for the swap but that
    caused the crashes to increase, so dmcrypt is not used anymore just a
    normal swap and crashes decreased to "rare" within 24 hours.

    Or is it "normal" that the crash risk of running apps increases the more
    swapping is done ?

    I plan to upgrade the memory to 1.5GB anyway, but this issue is kinda
    bothering me.

    Thanks in advance for any input !

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