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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1 of 3] Introduce __memcpy_toio32
 > > You're adding this symbol and exporting it even if the arch will
> > supply its own version. So this is pure kernel .text bloat...

> I don't know what you'd prefer, so let me enumerate a few alternatives,
> and you can either tell me which you'd prefer, or point out something
> I've missed that would be even better. I'm entirely flexible on this.
> * Use the __HAVE_ARCH_* mechanism that include/asm-*/string.h
> uses. Caveat: Linus has lately come out as hating this style.
> It makes for the smallest patch, though.
> * Define the generic code in lib/, and have each arch that really
> uses it export it.
> * Put generic code in include/asm-generic/algo-memcpy_toio32.h,
> and have each arch that needs it #include it somewhere and use
> it.

The middle alternative seems the cleanest, although I'm not sure where
the export really belongs.

I don't think I could really say the right way to do this without
thinking some more -- but I am positive that exporting a function that
will never ever be called is something we should work hard to avoid.

- R.
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