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Subject[ANNOUNCE] GIT preformatted documentation available.
I was asked to provide pre-formatted man pages (and perhaps html
pages), since the time of kernel developers are better spent on
what they do best, rather than preparing the xmlto toolchain.

I was planning to do a tarball every time I do a "release", but
that would mean it is no better than the current way --- you
could extract manpages out of rpm anyway.

So instead, I'll do independent branches "html" and "man" in
git.git repository to keep the preformatted documentation.

$ mkdir ; cd
$ git init-db
$ ID=$(git fetch-pack -k git:// man)
$ expr "$ID" : '\(.*\) .*' >.git/refs/heads/master
$ cat .git/refs/heads/master >.git/refs/heads/origin
$ git checkout; /bin/ls -aF
./ ../ .git/ man1/ man7/
$ echo >.git/remotes/origin <<\EOF
URL: git://
Pull: man:origin

Would set you up, and you can
to keep them up-to-date, and install them like so:

$ cd
$ git pull
$ cp -a man1 man7 /usr/local/man/

The "html" branch is similar; it is a copy of what is shown at

This means if you clone from git.git repository, you would end
up with something like this in .git/remotes/origin file:

URL: git://
Pull: master:origin
Pull: todo:todo
Pull: html:html
Pull: man:man
Pull: pu:pu
Pull: maint:maint

Typically, for the repository to track GIT itself, you would
want to trim them like this:

URL: git://
Pull: master:origin
Pull: maint:maint
Pull: +pu:pu

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