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SubjectRe: what's wrong with mutt? [was Re: recommended mail clients]

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
>> 2005/12/28, Peter Williams <>:
>> In my thunderbird, the "Paste Without Formatting" mode seems to be
>> continually grayed out (i.e. unavailable). I couldn't find anything in
>> the preferences that altered this situation. What's the secret?
>People, what's wrong with mutt?

Hmm, never tried it. My CLI is pine.

>I'm tired of seeing you trying to make mozilla or thunderbird to work.
>You all use CLI tools to generate diffs, aren't you? But why you try
>so hard to avoid sending patches in CLI too?

It's not sending patches in CLI that's avoided, but which email client
I happen to be using at the moment. Now I'm using pine.

>Those who can't use CLI tools, are not capable yet to hack the kernel.
>If they do, their patches are not trustworthy.

It's not that people can't use a CLI tool, but a non CLI may be better for
certain things. Like I use both emacs and vi (well vim really). When I
need to make quick edits or work on something for a little, I use vi, and
when I'm in it for the long hall (several hours of programming) I use

Or, if I edit something remotely, I use vi too.

The same goes with evolution and pine. If I'm testing a kernel on my main
computer (like now), I reboot often and when I check my mail, I use pine,
or if I just want to quickly look at who sent me an email. When I have a
stable computer and I'm testing kernels on one of my test boxes, I pull up
evolution and do all my email with that. Also when checking email
remotely, pine is really good.

I like gui email since it is a lot easier to organize lots of mail (select
a bunch, drag and drop). So don't just put someone down if they don't
happen to use a CLI email client.

-- Steve

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