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Subject[Question] How to write one keyboard driver without changing hid-input?
Hi, everyone.

I have a MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 that have USB port.

Under Windows XP, it work fine, however, Some extend keys do not
work under Linux.
I found hid-input that do not report PRESS event to input-subsystem when
such extend key
is pressed . I got this reason later, It map such "Zoom" key to
KEY_UNKNOWN, and ignore them.
Its keymap is hard-coded.

I try to write one driver for this keyboard now. but I found if we
do not change or copy
hid-input.c, then I must write a lot of code to support it. Which guru
wrote driver like
this under hid_input support? Would you like give some tips?

I think this driver is simple. It only need we emit some event when
key related is pressed,
do not need input event handler.

Thanks in advanced.

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