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SubjectRe: [PATCH] i386 No Idle HZ aka dynticks 051221
Theodore Ts'o <> wrote:

> With dyntick enabled, the laptop never enters the C4 state, but
> instead bounces back and forth between C2 and C3 (and I notice that we
> never enter C1 state, even when the CPU is completely pegged, but
> that's true with or without dyntick).

C1 is a power-saving mode - if your CPU is pegged, you won't be in any
C state (the acpi code seems to make this confusing by showing you the
last mode you were in - however, the usage count won't change). If the
C2 latency isn't significantly larger than the C1 latency, I don't think
there's ever any reason to want to use C1.

To further confuse things, the ipw2100 driver will silently disable
anything higher than C2 if it ever receives a corrupt packet. I'm not
convinced this is a good thing.
Matthew Garrett |
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