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SubjectRe: Possible Bootloader Optimization in inflate (get rid of unnecessary 32k Window)
Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
>>What would the optimization be worth?
>>* A faster uncompressing of the kernel, since a total 1-time memcopy of the
>>whole kernel is been optimized away.
>>* I'm not sure about the size, the memory or disk footprint. If the 32k static
>>(!) memory array in compressed/misc.c, I don't know if it safes 32k running
>>memory, or 32k on-disk size. Since I don't know the indepth working of these
> Neither for saving running memory (discarded), nor on-disk size
> (window[WSIZE] resides in BSS).

I've actually implemented this for another application (where BSS was at
a premium.) It even has some nice benefits for code size if you do it

It indeed would avoid a cache-to-memory copy, but that's not really a
huge deal, which is why noone has worried too much about it.

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