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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix console utf8 composing
Jan Engelhardt wrote:

>>Differences between our versions are described below.

>What do you think we should do? I have not given this fix any thought,
>because it applied fine for long time (+/- fuzz), so I cannot comment on
>anything in your version being better or not.

If you really don't care about characters beyond 0xffff (but see below),
please consider applying this on top of your patch:

--- linux-2.6.15-rc6/drivers/char/consolemap.c 2005-12-25
10:02:11.000000000 +0500
+++ 2005-12-25
10:01:22.000000000 +0500
@@ -216,6 +216,7 @@
u16 **p1, *p2;
u16 *q;

+ if (!p) return;
q = p->inverse_trans_unicode;
if (!q) {
q = p->inverse_trans_unicode =
@@ -289,6 +290,7 @@
p = (struct uni_pagedir *)*vc_cons[i].d->vc_uni_pagedir_loc;
if (p && p != q) {
set_inverse_transl(vc_cons[i].d, p, USER_MAP);
+ set_inverse_trans_unicode(vc_cons[i].d, p);
q = p;
>>My version of to_utf8() takes uint as a second argument and handles values
>>beyonf 0xffff.
>I doubt that there is reason to support characters beyond 0xffff.
>CJK is within 0xffff, besides that console fonts just do not have the
>capacity to support CJK in a meaningful way.

Using console fonts is not the only way to display characters. You
forgot about jfbterm.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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