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Subject[BUG]: Hard lockups continue with linux-2.6.15-rc1-rc7
Hi all,

I'm having hard lockups with all the RCs of linux-2.6.15. I,
previously, mentioned this with the subject "[BUG]: Software compiling
occasionlly hangs under 2.6.15-rc1/rc2 and 2.6.15-rc1-mm2" in the
list. I investigated a bit at found these interesting things.

-- Always reproducable. To reproduce:
- in console 1, issueing "updatedb"
- in console 2, issueing "find / -name "blahblah" -print
- in console 3, issueing "emerge -uDp world" (BTW, I'm using Gentoo.)
- in console 4, X started.
- a few minutes later, system completely freezes. No Alt+SysRq+t
works. (Normally, it does)

When the system freezes, there is nothing in logs. But hardly, I
captured an Alt+SysRq+t. A few seconds (15-20 seconds) before hang. I
attached this Alt+SysRq+t and lsmod output. Hope this helps to solve

PS: These problems never occured in 2.6.14.xx and downwards.

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