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SubjectRe: USB rejecting sleep

> > What exactly changed in the recent USB stacks that is causing it to
> > abort system suspend much more often ? I'm getting lots of user reports
> > with 2.6.15-rc5 saying that they can't put their internal laptops to
> > sleep, apparently because a driver doesn't have a suspend method
> > (internal bluetooth in this case).
> >
> > It's never been mandatory so far for all drivers of all connected
> > devices to have a suspend method... didn't we decide back then that
> > disconneting those was the right way to go ?
> Yes it is, and I have a patch in my tree now that fixes this up and
> keeps the suspend process working properly for usb drivers that do not
> have a suspend function.
> Hm, I wonder if it should go in for 2.6.15?

It would be nice to have some fixes in 2.6.15, so we are
not swamped with bugreports. Its a regression after all.

Thanks, Sharp!
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