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SubjectMachine Check Exception !

I get the following message under 2.4.21 from RedHat:

CPU 3: Machine Check Exception: 0000000000000004
<Bank 0: b20000001040080f

and the box is dead.

When i use parsemce, it said:
Status: (4) Machine Check in progress.
Restart IP invalid.
parsebank(0): b20000001040080f @ 3
External tag parity error
CPU state corrupt. Restart not possible
Error enabled in control register
Error not corrected.
Bus and interconnect error
Participation: Local processor originated request
Timeout: Request did not timeout
Request: Generic error
Transaction type : Invalid
Memory/IO : Other

Can anybody please enlighten me what this means or what a possible
problem behind might be?

Thank you in advance

PS: my box has dual Xeon 2.8G CPU
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