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SubjectRe: [Linux 2.4.32] SATA ICH5/PIIX and Combined mode

> AFAIR, RedHat still adds support for new hardware to RHES3.
> You should contact the RedHat support you are paying for for getting
> help with RHES3 running on your hardware.

Sure, but I really don't like all the changes RH brings into the
kernel (as many vendors do), and I've always been running vanilla
kernels on top of the distribs, once the installation in completed.


> > My first idea was to consider this as an opportunity to
> upgrade to the
> > latest 2.4.x kernel, but reading you, this looks like a bad idea...
> > 2.6.x would be better ?
> RHES3 doesn't support kernel 2.6.
> > Regards,
> > Paul
> cu
> Adrian
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