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SubjectRe: [RFC] Let non-root users eject their ipods?

>> All,
>> I'm getting a little tired of my roommates not knowing how to safely
>> eject their usb-flash disks from my system and I'd personally like it if
>What exactly is ejecting flash media?

(That's when the spring in the usb connector decides it had enough and
spits the ipod cable out. It is advised to wear a helmet to not get hurt
by the HV usb device, e.g. usb mass storage sticks. j/k)

Ejecting flash media is what `sdparm -C eject /dev/sdX` does. In case of
cdroms, that's eject. In case of zip drives, I guess, it will be - see
above - unloading zip disks via springs (now these things really eject
hard), and in case of mass storage drives that can usually not be ejected
(so-called "non-removable media", such as harddisks), it disconnects them.
Another stage after umount, so to speak. (And BTW, you cannot run `sdparm
-C load` on these usb media again; at least I cannot for my memory stick.)

Jan Engelhardt
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