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    SubjectRe: mouse issues in 2.6.15-rc5-mm series
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    Marc Koschewski wrote:
    > * Joe Feise <> [2005-12-23 22:43:32 -0800]:
    >>[Note: please cc me on answers since I'm not subscribed to the kernel list]
    >>I am experiencing problems with mouse resyncing in the -mm series.
    >>This is a Logitech wheel mouse connected through a KVM.
    >>Symptom: whenever the mouse isn't moved for some seconds, it doesn't
    >>react to movement for a second, and then resyncs. Sometimes, the
    >>resyncing results in the mouse pointer jumping, which as far as I
    >>know is a protocol mismatch.
    >>While searching for reports of similar problems, I came across
    >>Frank Sorenson's post from Nov. 23 (
    >>Like in his case, reverting
    >>resulted in a kernel without this problem.


    I continue to see the same issues with the resync patch in -mm. For me,
    tapping stops working, and I'm now seeing both the mouse pointer jumping
    as well (a lesser issue for me, so it was probably present earlier as

    I switched to using the synaptics X driver as recommended by Dmitry
    Torokhov (, and that has worked
    splendidly for me. However, that's really just a band-aid, and I'd be
    happier with a working resync patch.

    > Hi Joe,
    > read these ones:
    > Maybe they help you out.
    > I didn't get it working in the rc5 -mm tree so far. But non -mm work as good as
    > they always did.

    Same issue for me as well.

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    Brigham Young University
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