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Subject[PATCHSET] 2.6.15-rc6-bird3
	Updated version:

URL of splitup: same place, bird-mbox.

New target added to tracked set: sun3 (which completes m68k coverage).
Patches in befs series are only beginning - there's more to do to get
it endian-clean. Tomorrow... As an aside, fs/befs is a nice demonstration
of the typedef uses that can go wrong...

BTW, sun3 had exposed an ld(1) bug - mixing PHDRS, large holes in segments
and nobits sections in the end of segments after such holes can make ld(1)
forget to map such sections into any segment. If you've seen strip(1)
complaining about .bss - that's what it is. After fixing init_task reference
in it doesn't trigger that bug anymore, but binutils
still needs fixing; if nobody beats me to it I'll see what can be done
about that crap...

Changes since yesterday snapshot:

Al Viro:
m68k: fix reference to init_task in
m68k: fix macfb init
affs_fill_super() %s abuses
befs: remove bogus typedef
befs: prepare to sanitizing headers
befs: introduce on-disk endian types
befs: missing fs32_to_cpu() in debug.c

Alexey Dobriyan:
eisa_eeprom.c: __user annotations
parisc: add __iomem to __raw_check_addr()
include/asm-parisc/processor.h: C99 initializers
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