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SubjectRe: 2.6.15-rc6: known regressions in the kernel Bugzilla
Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:

>Em Qui, 2005-12-22 às 21:52 +0200, P. Christeas escreveu:
>>On Thursday 22 December 2005 3:57 pm, you wrote:
>>The two important tags are:
>>v2.6.13 0da688d20078783b23f99b232b272b027d6c3f59
>>v2.6.14-rc1 1f9d1e3248d4eb96b229eecf0e5d9445d3529e85
> Between 2,6,13 and 2.6.14-rc1 we had about 220 v4l patches. It would
>help more if you get v4l CVS tree and try to identify the broken patch.
>there weren't so many patches for cx2388x. I suspect it might be some
>changes at tda9887, cx88-cards or cx88-tvaudio (the latest is the more
Actually, a -git bisection test is even easier, less work involved, and
will point you to the exact patch that caused the regression.

Michael Krufky

P.S.: I apologize if any cc's got dropped.... I tried to add those that
I know should be here, but the V4L mailing list hosted by RedHat adds a
Reply-To: and drops all the cc's ... I've been flamed about it in the
past, and I complained about it on V4L list-- Alan Cox says this was
intended, and nobody agrees with me that it should be fixed. :-( (this
is my last word on the issue)

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