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SubjectRe: 2.6.15-rc6: known regressions in the kernel Bugzilla
Adrian Bunk wrote:

>>non-bugzilla post-2.6.14 bugs which I've squirelled away include:
>>From: Brice Goglin <>
>>Subject: Linux 2.6.14: Badness in as-iosched
>As the subject says, this is not a post-2.6.14 regression.
>Besides this, Jens (Cc'ed) sent a patch for it:
>Was there a reason why it wasn't applied?
Jens also posted a different patch on addressing my issue. It was supposed
to go in -stable. But, from I see in changelogs, nothing went into
-stable while something similar has been merged into rc3:;a=blobdiff;h=43fa2049568883d6b5c07cc304b77c93d3091abf;hp=fbe050124ec514431c19091d395fa9065b2398a4;hb=8ad9ebb391e4cd75837ee608b9c33fcaceda0bc2;f=block/as-iosched.c

Anyway, I did not reproduce my problem with the first patch that Jens
sent (applied on top of 2.6.14). 2.6.15-rcX look fine too, but I am not
sure I have stressed those kernels as much as 2.6.14.


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