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SubjectRe: ide-cd doesn't replace ide-scsi?
Luke-Jr wrote:
> On Monday 28 November 2005 21:03, you wrote:
>>Luke-Jr wrote:
>>>Note: results are with 2.6.13 (-gentoo-r4 + supermount) and 2.6.14
>>>(-gentoo) I've been struggling with burning DVD+R DL discs and upgrading
>>>the firmware on my DVD burner, and just today decided to rmmod ide-cd and
>>>try using ide-scsi. Turns out it works... so is ide-cd *supposed* to
>>>handle cases other than simple reading and burning or is this a bug? If
>>>not a bug, should ide-scsi really be marked as deprecated?
>>>Also, two bugs with ide-scsi:
>>>1. On loading the module, it detects and allocates 6 SCSI devices for a
>>>single DVD burner (Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R5272); kernel log for this event
>>>attached 2. On attempted unloading of the module, rmmod says 'Killed' and
>>>the module stays put, corrupt. There was some kind of error in dmesg, but
>>>it appears to have avoided syslog-- If I see it again, I'll save it.
>>I think you may have the probe-all-LUNs set, and a CD burner which
>>responds to more than one. That's one possible cause for this.
> Yep, it was set. I'll try turning it off.
>>Unfortunately using ide-cd still doesn't have the code set to allow all
>>burning features to work if you are not root. Even if you have read+write
>>there's one command you need to do multi-session which is only allowed to
>>root. Works fine for single sessions, I guess that's all someone uses.
> I'm pretty sure I tried doing everything as root days before I even considered
> ide-scsi... In regards to firmware upgrades, I wouldn't expect non-root to be
> allowed to, even with rw access.

Actually, a single session burn seems to work (I'm doing tests as soon
as I get a compile of the latest kernel). What doesn't (or didn't) work
is multisession, even with r/w "cdrecord -msinfo" fails, which is how
you get the starting info for the next session.
>>Haven't tried unloading the module, so I have no advice on that other than
>>"don't do that."
> Well, I had reasons... =p
> The first time, I was going to switch back to ide-cd (for DMA), and the second
> time was because the drive was stuck on Busy and I'm not sure of any (other?)
> way to reset it without hotplugging the IDE power cable (which I'm sure isn't
> a good idea and I don't want to risk).

I thought ide-scsi now did DMA, at least for data burns. Don't know
about audio, I occasionally do an audio burn, but my main machine for
burning uses ide-cd, so it's not an issue.

I saw a note somewhere about using capabilities on the cdrecord
executable to allow the realtime sched to be set, but I don't seem to
find it now. Maybe it was a question rather than an example :-(

bill davidsen <>
CTO TMR Associates, Inc
Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979
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