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SubjectRe: Submitting patches for Kontron-boards with Freescale processors

On Dec 19, 2005, at 2:07 AM, Claus Gindhart wrote:

> Kumar,
> in our department we have Linux 2.6 kernel ports for Kontron
> embedded computer boards with freescale processors 8245, 405, 8540,
> 8541, 8347, 8270, ...
> We would like to start now to submit all these board supports to
> the vanilla kernel.
> For the start we would select one of our common boards, e.g. the
> one with 8540/8541 processor.
> My question is now:
> Should we try to provide a patch with all HW-features of the board
> supported, or would it be better to start with a minimalistic
> patch, and then add support for additional devices onboard (e.g.
> IDE, RTC, SuperIO, ...) time by time ?
> Or would it be better to provide the full feature set of this board
> at one time ?

First, I would recommend posting such queries to the linuxppc lists

Second, I'm no longer at Freescale so please email me at this address.

Ok, now to your question. In general if a given board port touch
files in arch/ppc/platforms/* than all of that code should be in one
patch. If you are touching anything in drivers/* you need to
separate out those patches and send them to the respective driver
maintainers. If you want to provide a more detailed list of changes
for 8540/8541 I can provide better directions on how to submit patches.

What boot loader are you using for your boards? I ask because for
the 85xx and 83xx subarchitectures I'm trying to limit new board
ports in arch/ppc as we try to transition to arch/powerpc. However,
this requires that the firmware provide a flatten device tree to the

Hopefully that gets you a sense and feel free to ask any other

- kumar

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