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SubjectRe: Dianogsing a hard lockup
Hi list,

>> some time after I load drivers (any, rt2500 or via ndiswrap) for a
>> rt2500-based wlan card, the box locks up hard. Sysrq does not work, so I
>> suppose it is during irq-disabled context. How could I find out where this
>> happens?
>First, stick to rt2500 as you won't get help with binary only drivers
>Check the driver code & make sure it can't get stuck looping in the
>interrupt handler due to an unhandled IRQ. Add printks.

It happens with both, and that's why I think this is not a problem
with the rt2500 driver(s), but somewhere else in the kernel. But I do
not know where, because it is a lot bigger than the rt code base.

>Try to reproduce the problem from the console, you're more likely to get
>a usable Oops.
I did, it just locks. No reaction to Sysrq+T/+P, which is the "hard"
in "hard lockup".

Jan Engelhardt
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