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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/19] MUTEX: Introduce simple mutex implementation
Douglas McNaught wrote (ao):
> Sander <> writes:
> > Erik Mouw wrote (ao):
> >> Last night I've been browsing a little more through Dijkstra's papers,
> >> and in a completely unrelated paper[1] about a now obsolete computer I
> >> found that "prolaag" is a neologism coming from "probeer te verlagen",
> >> which means "try and decrease".
> >
> > "probeer te verlagen" translates to "try to decrease".
> >
> > "try and decrease" would be "probeer en verlaag".
> Just in case you don't know, "try and" in English is an informal
> equivalent of "try to". I agree your translation is probably better. :)

I didn't, so thanks for the education :-)

I read it as two things (try something, and decrease), but I see what is
meant now. And I'm sure Erik Mouw knows his was around in both Dutch and
English :-)

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