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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] *at syscalls: Intro
Jim Meyering wrote:
> FYI, the rm in coreutils-cvs is finally thread-safe and race-free,
> when using openat et al.

Actually, Jim, I doubt it. There is one more race which cannot be
solved with the existing interfaces. I want to tackle this next, after
these changes are decided on.

The problem is directory creation and then populating it. As in cp -r
and any backup tool. You currently have to use (at best)

mkdirat(fd, "some-dir", 0666);
dfd = openat(fd, "some-dir", O_RDONLY);

What is needed is a way to create a new directory and return a file
descriptor for it.

I was thinking about using

dfd = openat(fd, "some-dir", O_RDONLY|O_DIRECTORY|O_CREAT, S_IFDIR|0666)

where the combination of using O_DIRECTORY, O_RDONLY, O_CREAT, and the
S_IFDIR flag can be recognized. This is a configuration which cannot be
used successfully in current code. Should probably also work with open().

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