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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] i386: always use 4k stacks


Thanks. I concur.


Andrew Morton wrote:

>Adrian Bunk <> wrote:
>>This patch was already sent on:
>>- 11 Dec 2005
>>- 5 Dec 2005
>>- 30 Nov 2005
>>- 23 Nov 2005
>>- 14 Nov 2005
>Sigh. I saw the volume of email last time and though "gee, glad I wasn't
>cc'ed on that lot".
>Supporting 8k stacks is a small amount of code and nobody has seen a need
>to make changes in there for quite a long time. So there's little cost to
>keeping the existing code.
>And the existing code is useful:
>a) people can enable it to confirm that their weird crash was due to a
> stack overflow.
>b) If I was going to put together a maximally-stable kernel for a
> complex server machine, I'd select 8k stacks. We're still just too
> squeezy, and we've had too many relatively-recent overflows, and there
> are still some really deep callpaths in there.
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