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SubjectRe: [patch 0/5] Add MMC password protection (lock/unlock) support
Anderson Lizardo wrote:

>Probably using the entire 128-bit CID for the key description would
>waste too much space though, so we are thinking about using just some
>CID fields to build a smaller unique ID. The key retention service has
>quotas for how much space a keyring can use for payload and key
>description, so we should try to keep the description as short as
>possible. If a collision occurs and the password is wrong, we can
>simply invalidate the key and ask for the password again.

For SD cards we can also use the RCA, which tends to be a bit random.
Perhaps a generic hash function so that we can extend and tweak this
algorithm in one place?

>I actually just did the following change to the OMAP code (drivers/mmc/omap.c):
>- block_size = 1 << data->blksz_bits;
>+ /* password protection: we need to send the exact block size to the
>+ * card (password + 2), not a 2-exponent. */
>+ if (req->cmd->opcode == MMC_LOCK_UNLOCK)
>+ block_size = data->sg[0].length;
>+ else
>+ block_size = 1 << data->blksz_bits;
>Given that for the LOCK_UNLOCK command the sg_len will always be 1, we
>can get the block size directly from the first entry of the
>scatterlist. For other block operations, the blksz_bits value is used
>as usual.

I can't say that I approve of this code. It's my firm belief that
drivers that are protocol aware are horribly broken.

>Maybe removing blksz_bits and using the block size directly would be
>better? Is there any host/card which expects to always receive a
>power-of-2 block size for block operations?

Sounds like a much better solution. Hacking around problems instead of
solving them usually lead to even more problems.

I haven't studied all drivers in detail, but I believe all of them
should be able to handle the transistion.


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