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Subject[BUG] Xserver startup locks system... git bisect results

git bisect said:
> 47807ce381acc34a7ffee2b42e35e96c0f322e52 is first bad commit
> diff-tree 47807ce381acc34a7ffee2b42e35e96c0f322e52 (from 0e670506668a43e1355b8f10c33d081a676bd521)
> Author: Dave Airlie <>
> Date: Tue Dec 13 04:18:41 2005 +0000
> [drm] fix radeon aperture issue

With this one applied, my machine locks up tight just after starting the
Xserver. Some info (dmesg, lspci, config) is here:

I can put a serial console on it if necessary, but not until about this
time tomorrow.


Mark M. Hoffman

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