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SubjectRe: RFC: Starting a stable kernel series off the 2.6 kernel
Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
> On 2005-12-05T14:30:09, Bill Davidsen <> wrote:
>>Actually I would be happy with the stability of this series if people
>>would stop trying to take working features OUT of it!
> Features are removed when they are no longer features, but design
> irritations in a new and improved design, and usually, equivalent or
> better (or at least thought to be) functionality is available still in
> the big picture (which includes user-space), hopefully in a cleaner
> place.
> Now, design is often a holy war, and people disagree. That's fine and to
> be expected. And sometimes, the whole solution takes a while to
> materialize and be implemented from the kernel up to all user-space and
> even longer until it has been implemented in the brains of the admins.
> This, too, is fine and expected. It's called "innovation" and
> "development", sometimes iterative.

Removing features because there are better solutions is one thing,
although it has been done at kernel tree changes for a decade. Removing
features for reasons of religion is rather a case of developers removing
a useful and unbroken feature for which there is no replacement purely
because someone doesn't like it, or it saves a dozen lines of code.

-bill davidsen (
"The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
last possible moment - but no longer" -me

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