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SubjectRe: swsusp performance problems in 2.6.15-rc3-mm1

> > > Would that be ok if I made drop_pagecache() nonstatic and called it directly
> > > from swsusp?
> >
> > Sure, I'll updates the patch for that.
> Thanks a lot.
> > It changed a bit.. You'll need to run sys_sync() then drop_pagecache()
> > then drop_slab().
> I think it won't hurt if we do this unconditionally in swsusp_shrink_memory().
> Pavel, what do you think?
> The appended patch illustrates the way in which I think we can use this.
> I've tested it a little, but if someone feels like trying it, please
> do.

Not sure, do we really want to drop all the pagecache? We want to free
memory that is not going to be used soon after suspend, but I guess
pagecache can be quite "hot".

I'd certainly wait with this until code settles. And at least trying
if it helps or hurts...

Thanks, Sharp!
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