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Subject[way OT] Re: GNU/Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
On Sat, December 10, 2005 2:06 am, Jeff V. Merkey said:

> "constructive" is a for profit model that sustains the hi tech industry.
> The current

There are for-profit models of selling GPL software. Anyway, billions of
dollars are still spent every year on software.

> models have created a conduit for socialist disintegration of the
> american hi tech markets, loss of jobs, and have funnelled technology out

You should look at the dwindling manufacturing sector in America and
notice that the same thing is happening there without any GPL to blame.

> of the country. Legal defense funds should be the biggest red flags of
> all. If this system you devised really works, why all the litigation?
> Why all the need for legal defense funds and patent infringement

This is just utter nonsense; most litigation in the software industry
occurs between closed source vendors.

> insurance? I've watched the entire market slowly collapse over the
> years as the result of the affect of the GPL on America's hi tech
> markets.

By which measure has the market collapsed? Whatever you mean, my guess is
that you're overestimating the role of the GPL. More likely, you're just
misinterpreting globalization and the natural transition of the sector
into more of a commodity market.

> It isn't working, and it isn't sustainable. non-profit and "temples" of
> GPL "religion" have evolved, with the leaders living in orgnaizations

Hah! By your definition of the word, American capitalism is just another

> that subsist from handouts and donations. This movement has spawned a
> global attitude that has no respect for IP rights, and it's extended

This movement has spawned a global attitude supporting greater consumer
rights. Overall, its been a very positive and healthy force.

> itself to no respect for human rights, or any other rights of the
> indivdual. That's the legacy this has left and the ultimate
> conclusion.

Oh please, how exactly does GPL software undermine human rights?


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