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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.15-rc5: off-line for a week
On Saturday 10-December-2005 05:07, Tom wrote:
> Edmondo Tommasina wrote:
> > Call Trace:<ffffffff80168f80>{remap_pfn_range+176} <ffffffff882b70f3>{:nvidia:nv_verify_pci_config+392}
> > <ffffffff882babae>{:nvidia:os_pci_read_dword+35} <ffffffff882b7b76>{:nvidia:nv_kern_mmap+1273}
> > <ffffffff8016ed73>{do_mmap_pgoff+1251} <ffffffff801143fd>{sys_mmap+173}
> > <ffffffff8010dcaa>{system_call+126}
> > (...)
> I get that too... compiles and mostly works.

These are just harmless warnings saying that the some unnamed module ;-) is
doing some strange VMA remapping. It's expected to be like that.

Look at the "Linux 2.6.14-rc4" thread to better understand the changes

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