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SubjectDevice files for keyboard(s)?
Hello dear Kernel-Developers,

I've the problem that I've connected two keyboards
(one via usb and one via ps/2) to my machine and I want to have
different keyboard layout on it.

While I was trying to find out what would be the best way to do that,
I was somehow surprised that keyboards are not presented via
a device file to userspace.

My questions are:

- Is there a reason not to have devices for keyboards?
- If I would implement it into a recent kernel, would it have any chance
getting into mainline?

I know this would have some consequences for user space, at least those:

- x11 ( would have to modify their input device section for Linux
for keyboards
- loadkeys would have to be patched so one could specify which keyboard
to change the layout for
- kde/gnome would have to be changed in the manner that they support more
than one keyboard


P.S.: Please cc me.

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