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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
    AFAIK, no proprietary software vendors are forcing any1 to buy their
proprietary software. Still you are speaking in a monopoly tone!

Strictly speaking, they do not _force_ members of the public to use
their software. But they do create situations that put strong
pressure on people to use certain proprietary software. While this is
not literally "forcing" people, it is close enough to deserve similar

Meanwhile, in France, the media companies have proposed an amendment
to the French DMCA which would make it more like the former proposed
US CBDTPA (Consume But Don't Try Programming Act). It would forbid
the distribution of programs that allow copying of copyrighted works
and do not enforce DRM.

Various programs in GNU/Linux systems, including Apache, ftpd, Emacs,
and Linux, could fall under this prohibition. It is impossible to see
where the line would be drawn, because the text of the law is not
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