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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
    > No proprietary software here, excluding things such as firmware/BIOS where
> there is no choice.

Why 'excluding'? You can't deny you are using proprietary software.
Neither do us.

The FSF chose, for its newest server, a machine that supports a
free BIOS. You can make such choices too.

We are also trying to help the work to support free BIOS on a laptop
so that my next laptop can run a free BIOS. There are surely ways you
can help, too, if you want to be constructive.

Non-free device firmware is also a problem, when it has to be
installed from outside the device. The OpenBSD developers have done a
lot of work to arrange to avoid non-free device firmware. The FSF
tries to help too; we maintain some lists of hardware which works
without non-free firmware. We need more of these lists; if you are an
expert on some category of hardware, and you would like to help,
please write to me.
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