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SubjectACPI sleeping whilst atomic warnings on resume.
This has been broken for months.  On resume, we call acpi_pci_link_set()
with interrupts off, so we get a warning when we try to do a kmalloc
of non atomic memory. The actual allocation is just 2 long's
(plus extra byte for some reason I can't fathom), so a simple conversion
to GFP_ATOMIC is probably the safest way to fix this.

The error looks like this..

Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/slab.c:2486
in_atomic():0, irqs_disabled():1
[<c0143f6c>] kmem_cache_alloc+0x40/0x56
[<c0206a2e>] acpi_pci_link_set+0x3f/0x17f
[<c0206f96>] irqrouter_resume+0x1e/0x3c
[<c0239bca>] __sysdev_resume+0x11/0x6b
[<c0239e88>] sysdev_resume+0x34/0x52
[<c023de21>] device_power_up+0x5/0xa

Signed-off-by: Dave Jones <>

--- linux-2.6.14/drivers/acpi/pci_link.c~ 2005-12-10 01:58:17.000000000 -0500
+++ linux-2.6.14/drivers/acpi/pci_link.c 2005-12-10 01:58:36.000000000 -0500
@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ static int acpi_pci_link_set(struct acpi
if (!link || !irq)

- resource = kmalloc(sizeof(*resource) + 1, GFP_KERNEL);
+ resource = kmalloc(sizeof(*resource) + 1, GFP_ATOMIC);
if (!resource)

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