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SubjectRe: Sparc: Kernel 2.6.13 to 2.6.15-rc2 bug when running X11

Got today a mail from Mr Miller with the subject "Need for VM_INCOMPLETE
on I/O mappings" and a patch made by Mr Dickins. Did apply it to my
2.6.15-rc5 and recompiled the whole kernel and all the drivers.

Sadly this didn't affect the problem I have when starting X. The
Xorg.0.log looks still the same as before and I do have the '_' cursor
in the right left corner of the screen.
The only error in dmesg output is the following:

kernel BUG at arch/sparc64/mm/generic.c:77!
\|/ ____ \|/
"@'/ .. \`@"
/_| \__/ |_\
X(6762): Kernel bad sw trap 5 [#1]
TSTATE: 0000000011009603 TPC: 0000000000434d60 TNPC: 0000000000434d64 Y:
00000000 Not tainted
TPC: <io_remap_pfn_range+0x3c0/0x3e0>
g0: fffff800007ee080 g1: 0000000000669400 g2: 0000000000000001 g3:
g4: fffff80001f30160 g5: 0000000000000010 g6: fffff80005c70000 g7:
o0: 000000000000002f o1: 000000000061f118 o2: 000000000000004d o3:
o4: 000001fc00610000 o5: fffff80001318c00 sp: fffff80005c7f271 ret_pc:
RPC: <io_remap_pfn_range+0x3b8/0x3e0>
l0: 0000000071804000 l1: 000001fb8edfe000 l2: 0000000071804000 l3:
l4: 000001fb8edfe000 l5: e000000000000f8a l6: a000000000000f8a l7:
i0: 0000000071802000 i1: 0000000071802000 i2: fffff80000b90000 i3:
i4: 80000000000006b0 i5: fffff80001db000c i6: fffff80005c7f361 i7:
I7: <sbusfb_mmap_helper+0x104/0x160>
Caller[000000000053b1e4]: sbusfb_mmap_helper+0x104/0x160
Caller[0000000000533574]: fb_mmap+0x134/0x160
Caller[0000000000478708]: do_mmap_pgoff+0x368/0x720
Caller[00000000004161d8]: sys_mmap+0xf8/0x160
Caller[0000000000406c94]: linux_sparc_syscall32+0x34/0x40
Caller[0000000000286378]: 0x286378
Instruction DUMP: 9210204d 7fff6e12 90122118 <91d02005> 7ffff77f
b13e2000 81cfe008 01000000 30680003

I have to say I don't have much knowledge about the kernel code, but in
arch/sparc64/mm/generic.c it looks for me that no matter what if
io_remap_pte_range() is called it will result in a bug output, is this
supposed to happen? Looking at arch/sparc/mm/generic.c I can't find any
similar functionality.


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