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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/15] mm: atomic64 page counts
Hugh Dickins <> wrote:
> Page count and page mapcount might overflow their 31 bits on 64-bit
> architectures, especially now we're refcounting the ZERO_PAGE. We could
> quite easily avoid counting it, but shared file pages may also overflow.
> Prefer not to enlarge struct page: don't assign separate atomic64_ts to
> count and mapcount, instead keep them both in one atomic64_t - the count
> in the low 23 bits and the mapcount in the high 41 bits. But of course
> that can only work if we don't duplicate mapcount in count in this case.
> The low 23 bits can accomodate 0x7fffff, that's 2 * PID_MAX_LIMIT - 1,
> which seems adequate for tasks with a transient hold on pages; and the
> high 41 bits would use 16TB of page table space to back max mapcount.

hm. I thought we were going to address this by

a) checking for an insane number of mappings of the same page in the
pagefault handler(s) and

b) special-casing ZERO_PAGEs on the page unallocator path.

That'll generate faster and smaller code than adding an extra shift and
possibly larger constants in lots of places.

It's cleaner, too.
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