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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/15] mm: poison struct page for ptlock
Hugh Dickins <> wrote:
> The split ptlock patch enlarged the default SMP PREEMPT struct page from
> 32 to 36 bytes on most 32-bit platforms, from 32 to 44 bytes on PA-RISC
> 7xxx (without PREEMPT). That was not my intention, and I don't believe
> that split ptlock deserves any such slice of the user's memory.
> Could we please try this patch, or something like it? Again to overlay
> the spinlock_t from &page->private onwards, with corrected BUILD_BUG_ON
> that we don't go too far; with poisoning of the fields overlaid, and
> unsplit SMP config verifying that the split config is safe to use them.
> The previous attempt at this patch broke ppc64, which uses slab for its
> page tables - and slab saves vital info in page->lru: but no config of
> spinlock_t needs to overwrite lru on 64-bit anyway; and the only 32-bit
> user of slab for page tables is arm26, which is never SMP i.e. all the
> problems came from the "safety" checks, not from what's actually needed.
> So previous checks refined with #ifdefs, and a BUG_ON(PageSlab) added.
> This overlaying is unlikely to be portable forever: but the added checks
> should warn developers when it's going to break, long before any users.


Really, I'd prefer to abandon gcc-2.95.x rather than this. Look:

struct a
union {
struct {
int b;
int c;
int d;
} z;

z.b = 1;
z.d = 1;

It does everything we want.

Of course, it would be nice to retain 2.95.x support. The reviled
page_private(() would help us do that. But the now-to-be-reviled
page_mapping() does extraneous stuff, and we'd need a ton of page_lru()'s.

So it'd be a big patch, converting page->lru to page->u.s.lru in lots of

But I think either a big patch or 2.95.x abandonment is preferable to this
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