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SubjectRe: merge status
Jody McIntyre <> wrote:
> Can I still send a 2k spinlock fix in ~2 weeks?

Bugfixes are of course always welcome - that's the entire reason for having
the stabilisation period.

> That's the only thing I
> really want to get in to 2.6.15.

I think it's fair to make exemptions for subsystems which have been
neglected, or are flakey, or which are newly-merged, or which have a new
batch of maintainers who are struggling to get things back into shape and
back into sync with offstream trees. Because a) those subsystems are
usually already pretty buggy and b) the team needs extra help to get stuff
back into shape asap.

I'd view 1394 as only partly-emerged from that state ;)

As long as you understand the overall philosophy of what we're trying to
do, you should be able to make your own decisions about what's suitable,
and when.
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