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SubjectRe: userspace block driver?
Oliver Neukum wrote:

>On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>Has anybody put any thought towards how a userspace block driver would work?
>>Consider a block device implemented via an SSL network connection. I don't
>>want to put SSL in the kernel, which means the only other alternative is to
>>pass data to/from a userspace daemon.
>I am afraid this is impossible without some heavy infrastructure work.
>You will almost inevitably deadlock. Yes, you can mlock() your driver, but
>that still will not tell the kernel that GFP_KERNEL must be replaced with
>GFP_NOIO if it is triggered by syscalls you are doing.
A simple patch can help here (in addition to mlockall()):

you might want to increase the free memory target as well.
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