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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 16/42]: PCI: PCI Error reporting callbacks
    Greg KH writes:

    > > +enum pcierr_result {
    > > + PCIERR_RESULT_NONE=0, /* no result/none/not supported in device driver */
    > > + PCIERR_RESULT_CAN_RECOVER=1, /* Device driver can recover without slot reset */
    > > + PCIERR_RESULT_NEED_RESET, /* Device driver wants slot to be reset. */
    > > + PCIERR_RESULT_DISCONNECT, /* Device has completely failed, is unrecoverable */
    > > + PCIERR_RESULT_RECOVERED, /* Device driver is fully recovered and operational */
    > > +};
    > No, do not create new types of error or return codes. Use the standard
    > -EFOO values. You can document what they should each return, and mean,
    > but do not create new codes.

    Actually, these are not error or return codes, but rather requested
    actions (maybe somewhat misnamed). We can map them on to -EFOO values
    but it will be rather strained (-ECONNRESET for "please reset the
    slot", anyone? :).

    > Also, you create an enum, but yet do not use it in your function
    > callback definition, which means you really didn't want to create it in
    > the first place...

    Yes, they could be #defines.

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