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SubjectRe: BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0! (linux-2.6.14)
On 08:56, Neil Brown wrote:
> This seems to suggest that the nfsd thread is always runnable, which
> implies a read-only load with everything in cache - at least for the
> 10 seconds leading up to each of these errors. Is that likely?

Hm, not sure. I was compiling glibc and simultanously running a big
"cvs update" on the nfs server when one of these BUGs happened.

glibc source and the cvs tree live somewhere in /home and /home is
exported rw to a bunch of clients. But no client should have accessed
those two subdirs at that time.

> The following patch might fix it. Please let me know the result.

Patch applied and rebooted. The box currently compiles glibc and
firefox in parallel. No problems so far.

Thanks a lot
Jesus not only saves, he also frequently makes backups
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