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SubjectRe: [PATCH 66/82] remove linux/version.h from fs/hfs/
 On Sat, Nov 05, Eric Piel wrote:

> 10.07.2005 21:36, Olaf Hering wrote/a écrit:
> >changing CONFIG_LOCALVERSION rebuilds too much, for no appearent reason.
> Hello,
> I've just changed LOCALVERSION on 2.6.14 and noticed that the patches
> for hfs and hfsplus had still not made their way. As I couldn't find any
> tree which contains them, I was wondering if they wouldn't have been
> "lost in space" ?

I noticed that as well today. There are many more places where version.h
is still included...

find * -name "*.[ch]" | xargs grep -El '<linux/version.h>' | wc -l

I did send it for stuff like net/ieee80211/ieee80211_crypt_tkip.c

short story of a lazy sysadmin:
alias appserv=wotan
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