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    SubjectRe: post-2.6.14 USB change breaks sparc64 boot
    On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

    > On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, David S. Miller wrote:
    > > Perhaps pci_fixup_final would be a more appropriate time to run this
    > > USB host controller fixup? One downside to this is that such calls
    > > would not be invoked for hot-plugged USB host controller devices.
    > This might actually want to be split to disable legacy stuff as soon as
    > possible to prevent a flood of interrupts, sending SMIs and what not else.
    > That just requires poking at the PCI config space. Whatever's the rest
    > could be done later. I guess hot-plugged USB host controllers are not
    > configured for legacy support, so the early bits should not matter for
    > them.

    See this email thread:

    Alan Stern

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