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SubjectPatch to framebuffer
Hi Nathan,

Updating only one framebuffer console at a time is a real feature for me,
it allows a really quick developement cycle:

compile vesafb into the kernel, cyblafb as a module
start with vesafb
loop: load cyblafb
switch to cyblafb, test it
correct bugs, compile new cyblafb module
switch to vesafb
unload vesafb
goto loop

Although both vesafb and cyblafb control the same hardware, this is
possible because of the "feature" you want to remove.

On the other hand I do understand that your patch is valuable, if I had
two monitors attached I certainly would like to be able to use both at the
same time.

I believe that you should introduce your code either as a compile time
option or even better it should be possible to disable it via sysfs:


0 could be the default and would activate your new code
1 would restore the old "one active" mode.

Please consider my arguments and join us at

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