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SubjectRe: [PATCH linux-2.6-block:post-2.6.15 09/10] blk: add FUA support to IDE
On 11/24/05, Tejun Heo <> wrote:
> Oops, I was delusional again.
> Tejun Heo wrote:
> >
> > Well, this one is quite a pain in the ass.
> >
> > I'm not very fond of ->rq_select_barrier() approach for the following
> > reasons.
> >
> > * That removes possibility of correct synchronization. With
> > blk_queue_ordered() approach, we can later add
> > blk_queue_[un]lock_ordered() to achieve correct synchronization if that
> > becomes necessary, but with ->rq_select_barrier() approach, the
> > low-level driver ends up having less control over what's gonna happen when.
> Of course, we can do the same lock/unlock dance with
> ->rq_select_barrier() approach. I wasn't thinking straight. Forget
> this rationale.
> >
> > * Changing ordered mode is not supposed to be a frequent operation and
> > the blk_queue_ordered() interface makes that explicit.
> >
> > So, I added ide_driver_t->protocol_changed() callback which gets called
> > whenever dma/multimode changes occur. Unfortunately, dma/multmode
> > changes can be committed with or without context, and with or without
> > queue lock. As blk_queue_ordered uses the queue lock for
> > synchronization, this becomes issue.
> >
> > I tried to distinguish places where the changes occur while queue lock
> > is held from the other. Not only was it highly error-prone, it couldn't
> > be done without modifying/auditing all low-level drivers as some drivers
> > (cs5520) use the same function which touches dma setting
> > (cs5520_tune_chipset) from both ->speedproc (called with queuelock) and
> > ->ide_dma_check (called without queuelock).
> >
> > One alternative I'm thinking of is using a workqueue to call
> > blk_queue_ordered, such that we don't have to guess whether or not we're
> > called with queuelock held. Unfortunately, this will give us a small
> > window where wrong barrier requests can hit the drive.
> One thing I wanna add here is that using ->rq_select_barrier() would
> have similar race window. The race windows is just hidden there in the
> request queue.
> >
> > Bartlomiej, any ideas?

Wouldn't the whole thing get magically fixed with conversion of
IDE settings to use REQ_DRIVER and making them pass through
request queue (old idea everybody seems to like but nobody wants
to implement :)?

> > Jens, as this one seems to need some time to settle, I'm gonna post
> > updated patchset for post-2.6.15 without ide-fua patch, so that the
> > other stuff can be pushed into -mm. I think we can live without ide-fua
> > for a while. :-)

You can as well post updated ide-fua patch.
I would like to see it, it may be OK to put it in -mm for now.

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