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SubjectRe: PageReserved removal woes: vbetool, suspend-to-ram breakage
Dominik Brodowski <> wrote:

> Just wanted to let you know that the warning introduced in
> [PATCH] core remove PageReserved

It's not much of a warning, it seems to stop vbetool from working (which
may explain a few complaints about ACPI suspend being broken in 2.6.15 -
it's not, but vbetool is...)

vbetool (well, strictly it's LRMI, but...) needs to access real-mode
memory. On the other hand, it's probably a bad idea to let it actually
scribble over RAM that the kernel may be using. So
MAP_PRIVATE|PROT_WRITE seems to be the correct thing to do. This
certainly /seemed/ to work in older kernels, but doesn't any more. What
should I be doing instead?

(I'm also not quite sure why the error claims that it's deprecated,
whereas in fact it doesn't actually work at all. Breaking userspace
without warning isn't terribly nice)
Matthew Garrett |
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