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SubjectRe: sharp zaurus-5500: looking for testers
On 02/11/05, Pavel Machek <> wrote:
> Hi!
> Is there someone out there, with sharp zaurus sl-5500, willing to test
> kernels? There's a linux-z tree on, which I try to more or
> less keep in sync with mainline, that is slowly starting to get
> usable. It could use some testing.

I cloned your tree but it said one of the packs wasn't in the index. I
don't have the exact error message, sorry. I'll try again tomorrow.
Also your git tree (repository?) in is a bit broken. The
git web interface gives me 403 error when I try to see a diff in your
zaurus.git tree, and there's stuff that appears to be missing (history
and commits).

> Main drawback is that battery charging is not yet done; touchscreen is
> there but I did not have chance to test it with proper userspace
> filtering.

Does this mean the battery won't get charged when using the 2.6
kernel, or that it won't get reported?

Carlos Martín Nieto

"¿Han entendido?"
"Sí, nosotros vemos La 2" -- Emilio, "Aquí no hay quien viva"
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