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SubjectRe: Would I be violating the GPL?
В Срд, 02.11.2005, в 17:29, Nix пишет:
> On 2 Nov 2005, Alex Lyashkov moaned:
> >> > So despite the fact the driver has been written in c++, it
> >> > might be possible to write a usable specification.
> >>
> >> Linux 2.6 doesn't accept c++, so you have to rewrite it anyway.
> >> You should ask them if you can publish your own driver based
> >> on infos you extract from their driver.
> >>
> > without exeption c++ code can be used at drivers.
> The rather important `struct class' may give you trouble there.
Long time ago (over 4 years ago) i work with poring VPN and firewall
NDIS driver from Win32 to Linux. Only small kernel interface was writeln
at pure C, all other at C++. How i remember need only create operator
new and delete, also don`t use [out|in]stream.

FreeVPS Developers Team
Positive Software

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