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SubjectLinux 2.6.15-rc2

There it is (or will soon be - the tar-ball and patches are still
uploading, and mirroring can obviously take some time after that).

It's slightly bigger than I'd like, but that's partly because I had (once
more) missed a merge that was actually sent in well before the -rc1
cut-off, so the x86-64 merge is from there and was delayed due to yours
truly, not Andi Kleen.

Apart from the x86-64 merge and various fixups, I've let MIPS, PARISC and
PowerPC merge up some more.

The shortlog speaks for itself.


Adrian Bunk:
arch/i386/mm/init.c: small cleanups

Al Viro:
m68k: introduce task_thread_info
m68k: introduce setup_thread_stack() and end_of_stack()
m68k: thread_info header cleanup
m68k: m68k-specific thread_info changes

Albert Lee:
libata: honor the transfer cycle time speficied by the EIDE device

Alexey Dobriyan:
alim15x3: use KERN_WARNING

Amit Gud:
cs5520: fix return value of cs5520_init_one()

Andi Kleen:
x86_64: Update defconfig
x86_64: Add 4GB DMA32 zone
x86_64: Set compatibility flag for 4GB zone on IA64
x86_64: Make i386 compile again with fourth DMA32 zone
x86_64: When cpu_up fails clean up page allocator properly
x86_64: Account mem_map in VM holes accounting
x86_64: Fix up outdated pfn_to_page comment
x86_64: Remove obsolete ARCH_HAS_ATOMIC_UNSIGNED and page_flags_t
x86_64: Use the DMA32 zone for dma_alloc_coherent()/pci_alloc_consistent
x86_64: Fix gcc 4 warning in aperture.c
x86_64: Speed up numa_node_id by putting it directly into the PDA
x86_64: Don't apply __PHYSICAL_MASK to page frame numbers
x86_64: Only use asm/sections.h to declare section symbols
x86_64: Replace cpu_pda extern with include
x86_64: Replace swiotlb extern with include
x86_64: Some clarifications for Documention/x86_64/mm.txt
x86_64: Use int operations in spinlocks to support more than 128 CPUs spinning.
x86_64: New heuristics to find out hotpluggable CPUs.
AGP: Support ULI/ALI 1689 bridge on AMD64
AGP: Try unsupported AGP chipsets on x86-64 by default
AGP: Make gart iterator in K8 AGP driver SMP safe
x86_64: Allow modular build of ia32 aout loader
x86_64: Formatting fixes for arch/x86_64/kernel/process.c
x86_64: Don't enable interrupt unconditionally in reboot path
x86_64: Fix NUMA node lookup debug code which had bitrotted
x86_64: Reduce number of retries for reset through keyboard controller
x86_64: Remove optimization for B stepping AMD K8
x86_64: Remove asm-x86_64/rwsem.h
x86_64: Log machine checks from boot on Intel systems
x86_64: Remove CONFIG_CHECKING and add command line option for pagefault tracing
x86_64: Increase the maximum number of local APICs to the maximum

Andrew Morton:
nv_of.c build fix
rpaphp_pci build fix
pciehp_hpc build fix
shpchp_hpc build fix
acct.h needs jiffies.h
hfc_usb: fix usb device table
USB: usbdevfs_ioctl 32bit fix
usb devio warning fix

Andrey Volkov:
[SERIAL] Fix mpc52xx_uart.c
[DRIVER MODEL] Fix typo in ohci-ppc-soc.c
Fix copy-paste bug in ohci-ppc-soc.c

Andy Whitcroft:
ppc64 need HPAGE_SHIFT when huge pages disabled

Antonino A. Daplas:
fbdev: fix module dependency loop
nvidiafb: Fix bug in nvidiafb_pan_display

Antti Andreimann:
USB: Maxtor OneTouch button support for older drives

Arnaud Giersch:
[MIPS] IP32: Export mace symbol.
[MIPS] IP32 Fix and complete IP32 parport definitions
[MIPS] IP32: Fix sparse warnings.
[MIPS] Add const qualifier to writes##bwlq.
[MIPS] Fix documentation typos.

Ashok Raj:
x86_64: Remove duplicate __cpuinit define

Aurelien Jarno:
sis5513: enable ATA133 for the SiS965 southbridge

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
ide: remove duplicate documentation for ide_do_drive_cmd()
ide: remove unused ide_action_t:ide_next
ide: remove dead DEBUG_TASKFILE code
ide: remove dead code from flagged_taskfile()
ide: add missing __init tags to device drivers

Ben Collins:
Add missing EXPORT_SYMBOLS() for __ide_mm_* functions on powerpc
Update location of ll_rw_blk.c in docs

Ben Dooks:
[ARM] 3161/1: BAST - fix commas on end of structs
[ARM] 3162/1: S3C2410 - updated defconfig

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
powerpc: Always rebuild arch/powerpc/include/asm symlink
powerpc: vdso fixes (take #2)
powerpc: kill ppc64 rtc.c, use genrtc instead
powerpc: update defconfigs
powerpc: pci_64 fixes & cleanups
ppc: Fix boot with yaboot with ARCH=ppc
ppc: Fix build with CONFIG_CHRP not set
powerpc: Make the vDSO functions set error code (#2)
powerpc: Workaround for offb on 64 bits platforms
powerpc: merge align.c
powerpc: Fix setting MPIC priority

Bill Pechter:
v4l:: (936) Support for sabrent bt848 version

Bjorn Helgaas:
[SERIAL] Claim Wacom tablet device on HP tc1100 tablet

Bob Picco:
cpuset: fix return without releasing semaphore
x86_64: Fix sparse mem

Bryan Ford:
x86_64: Save/restore CS in 64bit signal handlers and force __USER_CS for CS

Carlos O'Donell:
[PARISC] Document some register usages in assembly files

Chen, Kenneth W:
ia64: cpu_idle performance bug fix
[IA64] 4 level page table bug fix in vhpt_miss
[IA64] polish comments for tlb fault handler in ivt.S

Chris Wright:
VFS: local denial-of-service with file leases

Christoph Hellwig:
[SPARC]: Fix RTC compat ioctl kernel log spam.
[SBUSFB]: implement ->compat_ioctl
fix task_struct leak in ptrace
v850: use generic hardirq code
[PARISC] move PA perf driver over to ->compat_ioctl
[PARISC] remove drm compat ioctls handlers

Christoph Lameter:
slab: remove alloc_pages() calls

Clemens Buchacher:
arch/mips/au1000/common/usbdev.c: don't concatenate __FUNCTION__ with strings

Constantine Gavrilov:
x86: fix sigaddset() inline asm memory constraint

Corey Minyard:
ipmi: bump-driver-version

Coywolf Qi Hunt:
[BLOCK] new block/ directory comment tidy

Daniel Drake:
usb-storage: Fix detection of kodak flash readers in shuttle_usbat driver
via82cxxx IDE: remove /proc/via entry
via82cxxx IDE: support multiple controllers

Daniel Jacobowitz:
[ARM] 3168/1: Update ARM signal delivery and masking

Dave Jones:
v4l: saa711x driver doesn't need segment.h
oops-tracing: mention extended VGA

David Brownell:
USB: onetouch doesn't suspend yet

David Gibson:
powerpc: Remove imalloc.h

David S. Miller:
[DVB] cinergyT2: cinergyt2_register_rc() should return 0 on success
[DVB]: Add compat ioctl handling.
[COMPAT]: Add ext3 ioctl translations.
[LLC]: Fix compiler warnings introduced by TX window scaling changes.
[IPV6]: Fib dump really needs GFP_ATOMIC.

David Woodhouse:
Avoid use of uninitialised spinlock in EEH.

Deepak Saxena:
Fix IXP4xx I2C driver build breakage

Denis Lunev:
ext3: journal handling on error path in ext3_journalled_writepage()

Diego Calleja:
oops-tracing: mention digital photos

Dmitry Torokhov:
I8K: fix /proc reporting of blank service tags
USB: fix 'unused variable' warning

Dominik Brodowski:
[PCMCIA] i82365: use new platform_device helpers
[PCMCIA] inform user of insertion and ejection events

Eric Dumazet:
reorder struct files_struct
x86_64: Optimize NUMA node hash function

Florin Malita:
[SERIAL] sa1100_start_tx spinlock recursion

Francois Romieu:
r8169: fix printk_ratelimit in the interrupt handler
r8169: do not abort when the power management capabilities are disabled

Gabriel A. Devenyi:
drivers/net/wireless/hermes.c unsigned int comparision

George Anzinger:
timespec: normalize off by one errors

Grant Coady:
cciss_scsi warning fix

Grant Grundler:
[PARISC] Disable nesting of interrupts
[PARISC] irq_affinityp[] only available for SMP builds
[PARISC] Remove unused variable in signal.c

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
USB: fix build breakage in dummy_hcd.c
USB Serial: rename ChangeLog.old
USB: move CONFIG_USB_DEBUG checks into the Makefile
USB: delete the nokia_dku2 driver
USB: add the anydata usb-serial driver
Add HOWTO do kernel development document to the Documentation directory
update Documentation/00-INDEX

Guido Guenther:
PowerBook 6,1: headphone not detected after suspend
[SPARC64]: Oops in pci_alloc_consistent with cingergyT2

Hanna Linder:
alim15x3: replace pci_find_device() with pci_dev_present()

Hans Reiser:
re-export clear_page_dirty_for_io()

Hans Verkuil:
v4l: (944) added driver for saa7127 video decoder
v4l: (945) adds a new include for internal v4l2 ioctls and api
v4l: (946) adds support for cx25840 video decoder
v4l: (948) adds support for saa7115 video decoder
v4l: (966) Authorship fixes for new Modules
v4l: 976: ensure consistent v4l firmware prefixes

Harald Welte:
New Omnikey Cardman 4040 driver
New Omnikey Cardman 4000 driver
[NETFILTER] nfnetlink: unconditionally require CAP_NET_ADMIN
Make sysctl.h (again) usable from userspace
[NETFILTER] ip_conntrack: fix ftp/irc/tftp helpers on ports >= 32768

Hartmut Hackmann:
v4l: (949) Added support for secam l'

Heiko Carstens:
signal handling: revert sigkill priority fix

Herbert Xu:
[IPV6]: Fix rtnetlink dump infinite loop
USB: fix race in kaweth disconnect

Ingo Molnar:
rcutorture: renice to low priority

J. Bruce Fields:
VFS: Fix memory leak with file leases

Jacob Shin:
x86_64: Support for AMD specific MCE Threshold.

James Bottomley:
[PARISC] Make sure timer and IPI execute with interrupts disabled
[PARISC] Fix our interrupts not to use smp_call_function
[PARISC] Add IRQ affinities
[PARISC] Fix our spinlock implementation
ide: fix ide_toggle_bounce() to not try to bounce if we have an IOMMU

James Cleverdon:
i386/x86-64: Share interrupt vectors when there is a large number of interrupt sources

James Ketrenos:
ipw2100: Fix 'Driver using old /proc/net/wireless...' message

Jan Beulich:
i386: NMI pointer comparison fix
make vesafb build without CONFIG_MTRR
x86_64: Adjust, correct, and complete the HPET definitions for x86-64.

Jeff Garzik:
[libata ahci, qstor] fix miscount of scatter/gather entries
[libata ahci] set port ATAPI bit correctly
[libata sata_mv] minor fixes
[libata sata_mv] trim trailing whitespace
[libata sata_mv] note driver is "HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL" in Kconfig
[libata sata_mv] implement a bunch of errata workarounds
[libata sata_mv] move code around
[libata sata_mv] mv_hw_ops for hardware families; new errata
[libata sata_mv] hardware initialization work
[libata sata_mv] move code around
[libata sata_mv] call phy fixups during init, as well as phy reset
[libata sata_mv] fix tons of 50XX bugs
move pm_register/etc. to CONFIG_PM_LEGACY, pm_legacy.h
[libata ahci] error handling fixes
[libata] fix bugs in ATAPI padding DMA mapping code
[libata] minor fixes, new helpers
[libata] REQUEST SENSE handling fixes
[libata ahci] command completion fixes, improved debug msgs
[libata ahci] tone down ATAPI errors
[libata] bump versions
[libata] add timeout to commands for which we call wait_completion()
[libata sata_mv] SATA probe, DMA boundary fixes
[libata sata_mv] handle lack of hardware nIEN support
[libata sata_mv] update copyright, driver version
[wireless hermes] build fix
siimage: docs urls

Jens Axboe:
[BLOCK] Document the READ/WRITE splitup of the disk stats
VM: fix zone list restart in page allocatate
[PATCH 2/3] cciss: bug fix for BIG_PASS_THRU

Jesper Juhl:
README: add info about -stable to README and point at applying-patches.txt

Jesse Brandeburg:
e100: re-enable microcode with more useful defaults

Jochen Friedrich:
[LLC]: Fix TX window scaling
[LLC]: Make core block on remote busy.
[LLC]: Fix typo

Jody McIntyre:

Johann Lombardi:
ext2: remove duplicate newlines in ext2_fill_super

John W. Linville:
i82593.h: make header comment GPL-compatible
fec_8xx: make CONFIG_FEC_8XX depend on CONFIG_8xx

Josef Balatka:
USB: cp2101.c: Jablotron usb serial interface identification

Karsten Wiese:
x86_64 two timer entries in /sys

Kirill Korotaev:
mm: __GFP_NOFAIL fix
stop_machine() vs. synchronous IPI send deadlock

KOVACS Krisztian:
[NETFILTER] nf_conntrack: Add missing code to TCP conntrack module
[NETFILTER] Remove nf_conntrack stat proc file when cleaning up
[NETFILTER] Free layer-3 specific protocol tables at cleanup

Krzysztof Halasa:
Generic HDLC WAN drivers - disable netif_carrier_off()

Krzysztof Oledzki:
[NETFILTER]: link 'netfilter' before ipv4

Kumar Gala:
Update email address for Kumar
ppc32: Add support for handling PCI interrupts on MPC834x PCI expansion card
powerpc: replace page_to_virt() with lowmem_page_address() for Book-E
ppc: Fix warnings related to seq_file
ppc: Fix MPC83xx device table
ppc: Fix warnings related to seq_file

Kyle McMartin:
[PARISC] Fix uniprocessor build by dummying smp_send_all_nop()
[PARISC] Make superio.c initialize before any driver needs it
[PARISC] Update CREDITS entries

Kylene Jo Hall:
tpm: necessary PPC64 function exports
tpm: updates for new hardware
tpm: dev_mask handling fix
tpm: locking fix
tpm: use flush_scheduled_work()
tpm: use ioread8 and iowrite8
tpm: remove PCI kconfig dependency

Laurent Riffard:
ide: remove ide_driver_t.owner field

Lennert Buytenhek:
[SERIAL] don't disable xscale serial ports after autoconfig

Linus Torvalds:
Revert "fbcon: Add rl (Roman Large) font"
x86: Fix silly typo in recent <asm/signal.h> fixes
Fix ACPI processor power block initialization
Linux v2.6.15-rc2

Luiz Capitulino:
[IPV6]: Fixes sparse warning in ipv6/ipv6_sockglue.c

Luiz Fernando Capitulino:
Fix sparse warning in proc/task_mmu.c
USB: pl2303: adds new IDs.
USB: pl2303: updates pl2303_update_line_status()

Maciej W. Rozycki:
[MIPS] zs.c: Resurrect the deceased zs.c for now.

Magnus Damm:
x86_64: Make node boundaries consistent

Marcel Holtmann:
USB: Delete leftovers from bluetty driver

Marcelo Tosatti:
ppc32 8xx: update_mmu_cache() needs unconditional tlbie

Mark Lord:
libata: fix comments on ata_tf_from_fis()
[libata passthru] address slave devices correctly

Mark Weaver:
v4l: (939) Support for nebula rc5 based gpio remote

Martin Schwidefsky:
s390: fix class_device_create calls in 3270 the driver

Martin Waitz:
DocBook: allow to mark structure members private
DocBook: include printk documentation
DocBook: comment about paper type
DocBook: revert xmlto use for .ps and .pdf documentation

Mathias Kretschmer:
via82cxxx: add VIA VT6410 IDE support

Matt Domsch:
ipmi: missing NULL test for kthread

Matthew Wilcox:
[PARISC] Return PDC_OK when alloc_pa_dev fails to enumerate all devices
[PARISC] Improve the error message when we get a clashing mod path
[PARISC] Fix some compile problems in ptrace.c
[PARISC] Always spinlock tlb flush operations to ensure preempt safety
[PARISC] Fix compile warning caused by conflicting types of expand_upwards()
[PARISC] Make Serial MUX depend on a specific bus type.
[PARISC] Mention PA-RISC in NS87415 help
[PARISC] Mark hisax and pcbit ISDN drivers as not for parisc

matthieu castet:
fix leaks in request_firmware_nowait

Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
v4l: (926.1) Added compiling options for wm8775 and cs53l32a chips
v4l: (943) added secam l video standard
v4l: (950) Added compiler options for cx25840 saa7115 and saa7127
v4l: (963) em28xx IR fixup
v4l: (966.1) Removes Obsoleted i2c-compat.h from newer drivers
v4l: 977: fix broken dependency needed for sa7134 module

Michael Ellerman:
powerpc: Merge page.h
powerpc: Turn cpu_irq_down into kexec_cpu_down
powerpc: Export htab start/end via device tree
powerpc: Fixup debugging in lmb.c
powerpc: More debugging fixups
powerpc: Fix typo in topology.h

Michael Krufky:
v4l: (963.1) hybrid v4l/dvb: remove duplicated code
v4l: 974: saa7134 shouldn't DEPEND on SND_PCM_OSS. Instead, SELECT it.

Michael S. Tsirkin:
IB/mthca: Safer max_send_sge/max_recv_sge calculation

Mike Kravetz:
Remove SPAN_OTHER_NODES config definition

Mike Krufky:
v4l: prevent saa7134 alsa undefined warnings

[PATCH 1/3] cciss: bug fix for hpacucli
[PATCH 3/3] cciss: add put_disk into cleanup routines

Miles Bader:
v850: Fix show_interrupts
v850: Add missing include in hardirq.h

Neil Brown:
md: don't pass a NULL file* into ->prepare_write()

knfsd: make sure nfsd doesn't hog a cpu forever
md: mark START_ARRAY deprecated with a date
md: make md threads interruptible again
md: fix is_mddev_idle calculation now that disk/sector accounting happens when request completes

Nick Piggin:
mm: highmem watermarks
i386: generic cmpxchg
atomic: cmpxchg
atomic: inc_not_zero
powerpc: Fix database regression due to scheduler changes

Nickolay V. Shmyrev:
v4l: (937) Included missing interrupt.h at saa7134-alsa.c

Nicolas Pitre:
[ARM] 3165/1: fix atomic_cmpxchg() implementation for ARMv6+
smc91x: fix one source of spurious interrupts

OGAWA Hirofumi:
usbfs: usbfs_dir_inode_operations cleanup

Olaf Hering:
ppc boot: replace string labels with numbers

Oliver Neukum:
USB: Adapt microtek driver to new scsi features

Olof Johansson:
ppc: add support for new powerbooks
powerpc: add new powerbooks to feature table

Pablo Neira Ayuso:
[NETFILTER] ctnetlink: use size_t to make gcc-4.x happy
[NETFILTER] nfnetlink: skip size check if size not specified (== 0)
[NETFILTER] ctnetlink: More thorough size checking of attributes

Pantelis Antoniou:
[MIPS] Alchemy: Console output fixup

Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:
Kbuild: index asm-$(SUBARCH) headers for UML
uml: remove bogus WARN_ON, triggerable harmlessly on a page fault race
uml: micro fixups to arch Kconfig
uml: fixups for "reuse i386 cpu-specific tuning"
uml: fix mcast network driver error handling
uml console channels: remove console_write wrappers
uml console channels: fix the API of console_write
uml: fix access_ok
uml: fix daemon transport exit path bug
x86_64: Set ____cacheline_maxaligned_in_smp alignment to 128 bytes
x86_64: Use common sys_time64

Patrick McHardy:
[NETFILTER]: Fix nf_conntrack compilation with CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG

Paul E. McKenney:
add success/failure indication to RCU torture test

Paul Fulghum:
synclink: update to use DMA mapping API

Paul Jackson:
mm: gfp_noreclaim cleanup

Paul Mackerras:
powerpc: Move a bunch of ppc64 headers to include/asm-powerpc
powerpc: Move most remaining ppc64 files over to arch/powerpc
powerpc: Export a couple of prom functions
powerpc: Mark PREP and embedded as broken for now
powerpc: Fix 32-bit compile: PPC_MEMSTART was undeclared
powerpc: Fix clearing of the FPSCR when invoking a signal handler
powerpc: Remove an extraneous and incorrect declaration of pmac_nvram_init.
powerpc: Remove __init from a function used in suspend/resume.
powerpc: Fix sparsemem with memory holes [was Re: ppc64 oops..]
powerpc: Move ppc64 boot wrapper code over to arch/powerpc
powerpc: Fix delay functions for 601 processors
powerpc: Move remaining .c files from arch/ppc64 to arch/powerpc
powerpc: Fix compile error on pSeries arising from delay.h changes
powerpc: time-of-day fixes for 32-bit CHRP systems
powerpc: Fix a couple of compile warnings for 32-bit compiles
powerpc: Move defconfig over and remove remaining arch/ppc64 files
offb: Fix compile error on ppc32 systems
powerpc: Trivially merge several headers from asm-ppc64 to asm-powerpc
powerpc: Merge pci.h
powerpc: move include/asm-ppc64/ptrace-common.h to arch/powerpc/kernel
powerpc: Merge spinlock.h
powerpc: Fix bug in timebase synchronization on 32-bit SMP powermac

Paul Mundt:
Shut up per_cpu_ptr() on UP

Pavel Machek:
[ARM] Fix collie for -rc1
USB: kill unneccessary usb-storage blacklist entries

Pekka Enberg:
slab: convert cache to page mapping macros
ipw2200: disallow direct scanning when device is down

Peter Osterlund:
packet writing oops fix

Ping Cheng:
USB: add new wacom devices to usb hid-core list
USB: wacom tablet driver update

Prakash Punnoor:
fix b2c2 dvb undefined symbol

Ralf Baechle:
[SERIAL] dz: Nuke trailing whitespace
[SERIAL] dz: Use CKSEG1ADDR to setup mappings.
[MIPS] Delete duplicate definitions of break codes.
[MIPS] feature-removal-schedule.txt: Schedule au1x00_uart for removal.
[MIPS] Add missing arch defines for the Alchemy MTD driver.
Add definitions for the Dallas DS17287 RTC.
Add definitions for the Dallas DS1742 RTC / non-volatile memory.
[MIPS] IP32: No need to include <asm/io.h>.
[MIPS] DDB5477: Fix unused variable warning.
[MIPS] JMR3927: Undo accidental rename.
[MIPS] JMR3927: Fix syntax error.
[IDE] Add driver for Sibyte Swarm evaluation board
[MIPS] JMR3927: It's ops-tx3927.o not ops-jmr3927.o
[MIPS] JMR3927: need include/asm-mips/mach-jmr3927 in it's include path.
[MIPS] JMR3927: Fix compilation by including <linux/ds1742rtc.h>.
[MIPS] JMR3927: Fix include wrapper symbol.
[MIPS] Ocelot G: Use CPU_MASK_NONE instead of 0 to initialize cpu mask.
[MIPS] SEAD: Delete seadint_init() prototype.
[MIPS] TX3927: Try to glue the PCI code.
[MIPS] SEAD: More build fixes.
[MIPS] Update defconfigs
IOC3: Replace obsolete PCI API
au1000_eth: Include <linux/config.h>
SAA9730: Add missing header bits.
ide: make comment match reality

Ravikiran G Thirumalai:
x86_64: Make ACPI NUMA and NUMA emulation peers of K8_NUMA in Kconfig

Ricardo Cerqueira:
v4l: (930) Alsa fixes and improvements
v4l: (935) Moved common IR stuff to ir-common.c
v4l: (951) Make saa7134-oss as a stand-alone module
v4l: (962) Added new saa7134 card (MSI TV@anywhere plus)
v4l: 975: apply saa7134-alsa fixes

Richard Purdie:
[ARM] 3149/1: SharpSL: Add Akita (SL-C1000) machine support
[ARM] 3154/1: SharpSL PM Driver updates
[ARM] 3158/1: SharpSL: Add PM device driver for the SL-C7x0 machines.
[ARM] 3159/1: SharpSL: Add PM device driver for the SL-Cx00 machines.
[ARM] 3160/1: SharpSL: Add driver for Akita specific GPIOs
w100fb: platform device conversion fixup
USB: OHCI lh7a404 platform device conversion fixup

Robin Holt:
mm: ZAP_BLOCK causes redundant work

Roger While:
prism54 : Remove extraneous udelay/register read

Rohit Seth:
mm: __alloc_pages cleanup

Roland Dreier:
[IB] srp: increase max_luns
[IB] srp: don't post receive if no send buf available
[IB] mthca: don't disable RDMA writes if no responder resources
IB/umad: make sure write()s have sufficient data

Roman Zippel:
m68k: convert thread flags to use bit fields
[NET]: Sanitize NET_SCHED protection in /net/sched/Kconfig

Russell King:
[ARM] Fix Footbridge-based machines
[ARM] Fix broken sl82c105 DMA prevention
[ARM] Restore apparant pointless change in arch/arm/kernel/smp.c
[MMC] mmci doesn't need asm/irq.h
[ARM] Ensure sl82c105 IDE interfaces are serialized when using DMA
[ARM] Use correct IO operations for Pleb
[ARM] Re-fix footbridge
[SERIAL] Fix Bug 4900: S3 resume oops with irattach - Thinkpad A21m
[ARM] Use kernel/power/Kconfig
[ARM] Initialise SA1111 core before SA1111 PCMCIA
[ARM] Fix arch-realview/system.h to use __io_address()
[ARM] Include asm/hardware.h instead of asm/arch/hardware.h
[ARM] compressed/head.S debugging defaults to asm/arch/debug-macro.S
[ARM] Add linux/compiler.h includes where required
[ARM] Move zone adjustment for SA1111 on SA11x0 platforms
[ARM] Use unsigned long not u32 in atomic_cmpxchg
[ARM] sa1111.c needs asm/sizes.h
[ARM] No need to include asm/proc-fns.h into asm/system.h
[DRIVER MODEL] Fix merge clashes with ARM ixp2000 / ixp4xx platforms
[ARM] Improve comment about ASSERT()s in
[ARM] Drivers should not make use of architecture private __ioremap
[ARM] __ioremap doesn't use 4th argument
[ARM] Fix some corner cases in new mm initialisation
[ARM] Fix get_user when passed a const pointer
smc91x: fix bank mismatch
[SERIAL] Fix status reporting with PL011 serial driver
[SERIAL] Remove unused variable in sa1100.c

Ryan Bradetich:
[PARISC] Make redirecting irq messages less noisy
[PARISC] Compile fixups for serial/mux.c
[PARISC] Define port->timeout to fix a long msleep in mux.c

Sean Young:
[MTD] maps: Replace dependency on non existing config option

Segher Boessenkool:
powerpc: Maple: request I/O resource.

Shaohua Li:
x86_64: Force correct address space size for MTRR on some 64bit Intel Xeons

Siddha, Suresh B:
x86_64: fix tss limit
x86_64: Unmap NULL during early bootup
x86-64/i386: Intel HT, Multi core detection fixes
x86_64: x86_64/i386 fix Intel cache detection code assumption about threads sharing

Stephen Hemminger:
[TCP]: More spelling fixes.
[TCP]: TCP highspeed build error

Stephen Rothwell:
powerpc: make iSeries use generic virtual irq mapping
powerpc: have only one definition of __irq_offset_value
powerpc: iSeries build fixes
ppc32: move some dma routines
powerpc: merge dma-mapping.h

Suresh Siddha:
x86-64/i386: Fix CPU model for family 6

Tejun Heo:
[BLOCK] elevator: run queue in elevator_switch
[BLOCK] cfq-iosched: cfq forced dispatching fix
[BLOCK] Implement elv_drain_elevator for improved switch error detection
[BLOCK] fix string handling in elv_iosched_store
[BLOCK] cfq-iosched: fix slice_left calculation
[BLOCK] noop-iosched: reimplementation of request dispatching
[BLOCK] elevator: elv_latter/former_request update
sil24: add missing ata_pad_free()
sil24: add constants
sil24: add sil24_restart_controller
sil24: use SRST for phy_reset
sil24: add ATAPI support
sil24: make error_intr less verbose

Thibaut VARENE:
pmac IDE: don't release empty interfaces
aec62xxx: remove all dead (#if0'd) code

Thomas Gleixner:
[JFFS2] Remove broken and useless debug code

Thomas Graf:
[IPV6]: Fix unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC allocation in fib6 dump

Tim Mann:
x86: fix cpu_khz with clock=pit

Toni Mueller:
sdladrv.c build fix

Tyler Trafford:
v4l: (958) Make cx25840 use firmware image named 'cx25840.fw'

Vitaly Bordug:
ppc32: add missing define for fs_enet Ethernet driver

Vivek Goyal:
drop "i386 kexec-on-panic: Don't shutdown the apics"

Vlad Drukker:
[NETFILTER] {ip,nf}_conntrack TCP: Accept SYN+PUSH like SYN

Yan Zheng:
[IPV6]: small fix for ipv6_dev_get_saddr(...)

Yasuyuki Kozakai:
[NETFILTER]: cleanup IPv6 Netfilter Kconfig
[NETFILTER]: fix type of sysctl variables in nf_conntrack_ipv6
[NETFILTER] nf_conntrack: fix possibility of infinite loop while evicting nf_ct_frag6_queue
[NETFILTER] fix leak of fragment queue at unloading nf_conntrack_ipv6
[IPV4,IPV6]: replace handmade list with hlist in IPv{4,6} reassembly

Yoichi Yuasa:
Add GT64111 PCI ID back

Zach Brown:
aio: remove kioctx from mm_struct
aio: replace locking comments with assert_spin_locked()
aio: don't ref kioctx after decref in put_ioctx

Zachary Amsden:
[BLOCK] elevator init fixes
[BLOCK] elevator init fixes #2

Zhu Yi:
ipw2200: fix error log offset calculation

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