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    SubjectRe: Laptop mode causing writes to wrong sectors?
    Bradley, Jan,

    Bradley Chapman wrote:
    > I too have been experiencing some problems with laptop-mode that may
    > be similar to what was recently reported here.
    > I have a Centrino machine (Sager NP3760, aka Clevo M375E) with a 60GB
    > Hitachi TravelStar hard disk running in UDMA5 and 512MB RAM, and on
    > occassions I've had random files on my /usr partition overwritten and
    > both my /usr and /var filesystems quite thoroughly trashed - with
    > these events usually occuring right after I'd been on battery power
    > and my hard disk had been spinning up and down regularly.
    > All my filesystems are ext3 with journaling active, and none of them
    > have been messed with (i.e. resized).

    OK, that's the second report then. I'm beginning to worry. :/

    Are you seeing any DMA timeout messages in your kernel log?

    Also, both reports are on ext3, which might point to an ext3 problem
    with long commit intervals.

    Bradley, Jan, since when have these problems been happening? Kernel
    version-wise, I mean?

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